Not Doing Private Shows

Sometimes it makes sense not to take privates. When your chat room is loaded with viewers, and they’re actively tipping, you’re probably better off not accepting any private shows. When I first started camming, I couldn’t understand why cam models would do this, but after accumulating some experience in the business, it’s now clear why this makes sense.

Privates were the bread and butter of my camming career for the first several months. I loved the fact that I could make such a ridiculously high per-hour rate doing sexy shows with kinky members. It was fun, the money was great, and it just made a lot of sense to me. The problem was, getting a private show could take a LOT of flirting in chat, talking in private messages, and doing stripteases. I later realized that the time it was taking me to actually get a private was reducing my effective per-hour rate to near minimum wage!


When I had that epiphany, I started to change my strategy. I stopped taking privates all the time, and I focused more on setting tip goals and doing public shows. I worked my social media accounts hard (especially Snapchat) and was able to boost my average room count size so that I could achieve those goals more easily. It was a pretty effective move, because my per-hour token hauls went up by more than 50%.

As a camgirl, your main mission is to make as many tokens in the least amount of time as possible. So, sometimes it makes sense to turn privates on (when your room is full of regulars who are horny and ready to boogie with you). But, if you’re room isn’t brimming with loyal clients, you might be better off just focusing on increasing the number of viewers present and doing public shows.


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