Webcam Model Training

There are a lot of new camgirls out there who simply have no clue how to climb the ladder of success in the webcam modeling industry, so I think I should let you all know that there are places to go to get some training that could help make a serious difference in your income as a cam model.


First of all, if you’ve never cammed at all, or you only have a few camming sessions under your belt, then you should head on over to Buttler Camlord’s camming blog for all of the basic information you’ll need to get started. He goes over all the basic questions in his FAQ, but he also offers free crash course training for camgirls who need to make money quickly, and it’s definitely worth the read.

Buttler Camlord also sells a much more extensive course for webcam models who are serious about making real money for the long term in the business, so you check that out at his site too. After you read-up over there and get a sense for how to go about starting your new camming career, you should begin broadcasting at a cam site to put what you’ve learned into action immediately. There’s no better training than the on-the-job kind, so you should definitely just get to it and try things out.

After you’ve been broadcasting for a while, you’ll notice that you’ll be getting the hang of things and will want to learn some of the more advanced tactics that many webcam models use to make the really big bucks. At that point, you should either buy Buttler’s Uber Cam Star course, or you should make friends with some of the upper tier models and mine them for information. You’d be surprised how easy it is to build fast friendships with experienced models on Twitter, so if you don’t have an account, you should get one and start to mingle.

There are plenty more camgirl resource sites that I haven’t even mentioned, so you can find lots of good information out there on how to make money camming. Just keep sucking up knowledge and APPLY it as soon as you do. Don’t let yourself fall into the “analysis paralysis” that so many webcam models just starting out succumb to. Get some training, but TAKE ACTION with it as soon as you can!


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