Webcam Modeling Guide

Hey, if you guys are in the market for a serious webcam modeling instructional guide, you need to check out this camgirl course. It will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do as you get started in camming. Tips and tricks, best cam sites to use, how to treat regulars, how to get MORE regulars, it’s all in there.


Not Doing Private Shows

Sometimes it makes sense not to take privates. When your chat room is loaded with viewers, and they’re actively tipping, you’re probably better off not accepting any private shows. When I first started camming, I couldn’t understand why cam models would do this, but after accumulating some experience in the business, it’s now clear why this makes sense.

Privates were the bread and butter of my camming career for the first several months. I loved the fact that I could make such a ridiculously high per-hour rate doing sexy shows with kinky members. It was fun, the money was great, and it just made a lot of sense to me. The problem was, getting a private show could take a LOT of flirting in chat, talking in private messages, and doing stripteases. I later realized that the time it was taking me to actually get a private was reducing my effective per-hour rate to near minimum wage!


When I had that epiphany, I started to change my strategy. I stopped taking privates all the time, and I focused more on setting tip goals and doing public shows. I worked my social media accounts hard (especially Snapchat) and was able to boost my average room count size so that I could achieve those goals more easily. It was a pretty effective move, because my per-hour token hauls went up by more than 50%.

As a camgirl, your main mission is to make as many tokens in the least amount of time as possible. So, sometimes it makes sense to turn privates on (when your room is full of regulars who are horny and ready to boogie with you). But, if you’re room isn’t brimming with loyal clients, you might be better off just focusing on increasing the number of viewers present and doing public shows.

Webcam Model Training

There are a lot of new camgirls out there who simply have no clue how to climb the ladder of success in the webcam modeling industry, so I think I should let you all know that there are places to go to get some training that could help make a serious difference in your income as a cam model.


First of all, if you’ve never cammed at all, or you only have a few camming sessions under your belt, then you should head on over to Buttler Camlord’s camming blog for all of the basic information you’ll need to get started. He goes over all the basic questions in his FAQ, but he also offers free crash course training for camgirls who need to make money quickly, and it’s definitely worth the read.

Buttler Camlord also sells a much more extensive course for webcam models who are serious about making real money for the long term in the business, so you check that out at his site too. After you read-up over there and get a sense for how to go about starting your new camming career, you should begin broadcasting at a cam site to put what you’ve learned into action immediately. There’s no better training than the on-the-job kind, so you should definitely just get to it and try things out.

After you’ve been broadcasting for a while, you’ll notice that you’ll be getting the hang of things and will want to learn some of the more advanced tactics that many webcam models use to make the really big bucks. At that point, you should either buy Buttler’s Uber Cam Star course, or you should make friends with some of the upper tier models and mine them for information. You’d be surprised how easy it is to build fast friendships with experienced models on Twitter, so if you don’t have an account, you should get one and start to mingle.

There are plenty more camgirl resource sites that I haven’t even mentioned, so you can find lots of good information out there on how to make money camming. Just keep sucking up knowledge and APPLY it as soon as you do. Don’t let yourself fall into the “analysis paralysis” that so many webcam models just starting out succumb to. Get some training, but TAKE ACTION with it as soon as you can!

How To Be A Camgirl Coed

One of the most common reasons girls choose to go into webcam modeling is to help pay for college, and it makes total sense. I was one of those girls, and I can tell you that if I hadn’t made the decision I did, I would probably be in so much student loan debt right now, it would crush me financially.


Camming your way through college can be difficult, though, because you have to find time to broadcast at the same time you’re juggling your course load and trying to find time to study and do projects. It’s even a bigger problem than you think because, in order to attract regulars, a camgirl usually has to go on cam at around the same time every day, so that the members who click with you can find you again and develop into big tippers. I don’t know about you, but my class schedule was all over the place. I had to get creative to develop a camming routine that stayed consistent, while not conflicting with my college obligations.

One of the main things a camgirl can do to deal with this is to make time in the evening to broadcast, which happens to be the ideal time to go on cam. By far, the most members spend the most tokens between 8pm to Midnight eastern time. That’s also when cam promoters on Twitter are most active, so your chances of getting your promo tweet retweeted by them are the highest.

Another thing a smart camgirl coed will do is chat with her regulars during breaks between classes. If you’ve gotten through Humanities and have an hour to go before English Lit, you might as well get on your phone and start chatting up whoever’s on at that moment. Use the opportunity to bond and develop relationships that will turn into tipping and show buying later on.

But one of the most important things to do as a webcam model when you’re in college is to make sure that, even if you can only spend an hour on cam any particular day, you broadcast every single night! Showing up regularly is one of the easiest ways to boost your earnings in the camming business because it allows people to get familiar with you and grow to become your friends. And friends tip much better than strangers!!

Camgirl 101

If you want to be a camgirl, you need to know exactly what to do when you finally get your webcam modeling account approved at one of the major cam sites. Being a cam model can be very rewarding financially, but you can’t expect to get to the level of top models overnight without getting the info you need to perform at that level.

As I update this blog in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the expertise I’ve been able to build up over the last 7 years. I’ve been camming all that time, and I know how difficult it is to get started when you don’t know what’s up and what’s down. I’ll be dispensing all my best tricks right here, so just stay tuned and get ready to make a lot of money in webcam modeling!